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The nbn™ network is a government infrastructure project that will provide broadband internet and phone line access to all Australians through a combination of optic fibre, and fixed wireless and satellite technology in the harder to reach areas.
Fibre improves the speed and quality of voice and data delivery, which will better serve Australian businesses in an increasingly connected global marketplace. The infrastructure is being rolled out by the government owned nbn™
Technology types
nbn™ will use a combination of technologies to deliver the nbn™ network nationwide. Depending on your location, your business will get connected to the nbn™ network through one of the following:
Traffic Classes TC1, TC2 & TC4
nbn™ offers three wholesale traffic classes to phone and internet service providers (TC1, TC2 and TC4), which we then use to create products to sell directly to you. Each traffic class has a different primary purpose;
TC1 is primarily used to support voice services, specifically Voice over IP (VoIP), and is designed to provide access to the following features:
• A Committed Information Rate (CIR) at the wholesale level – designed to support voice communication quality.
• Symmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds – designed to help make voice communication seamless.
• Appropriate wholesale bandwidth allocation – designed to make voice communication cost-effective.
TC2 is designed to provide access to high performance data for applications and services that require consistent, predictable download and upload speed requirements – including video conferencing, network traffic over virtual private network (VPN), e-commerce and business-critical cloud services. TC2 has been designed to provide access to the following features:
• A Committed Information Rate (CIR) at a wholesale level – designed to help make performance for your data services consistent.
• Symmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds – designed to help make interactive applications like video conferencing seamless.
• Defined latency, jitter and loss characteristics – as listed in the Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA) helping enable a better business grade service.
TC4 is designed primarily for general internet and standard data services and has the following features: 
• Available across all access technologies.
• Asymmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds
• A ‘best effort’ service suitable for non-critical business data applications
Members Telecom will advise the Traffic Class and speed available to your premises. 
The nbn network rollout
The rollout is well under way and is managed by nbn™ with the actual service provided and invoiced by Members Telecom (businesses only).
You can check your address to find out if the nbn™ access network is available for your business – then contact us for rates and delivery details – or just call us and request a cost free nbn™ service qualification for  your address. We will complete this for you, advise which technology will be connected for you, and book the technician appointments for the installation.
Some of the above information has been sourced from nbnco ‘nbn’, ‘business nbn’, and ‘Sky Muster’ are trade marks of nbn co ltd

Business Broadband

Members Telecom data services are delivered via Australia’s leading carrier networks. Our high speed solutions range from single site Internet services to national private network solutions that integrate a wide range of technologies including fibre, fixed wireless and nbn.
In addition to our wide range of access technologies, we engage with multiple hardware vendors, which enables our in-house pre-sales technical team to design a business grade network solution to suit your needs. You can choose plans with fixed data allowances or unlimited data per month. 
All of our broadband products can be supported with business grade firewalls, anti-virus and hosting packages

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Ask Members Telecom to qualify the service and speeds available for your business, then build, install and manage your wireless options. Members Telecom has a solution to suit every business, no matter where your business is or how big or small it is.

Fibre400 & Fibre1000

  fibre-optic services
  enterprise-grade connectivity
  symmetric 400Mbps and 1000Mbps
  unlimited internet
  tailor the service to meet your business requirements


Did you know that Members Telecom can create a private and secure VPN solution including hardware and configuration for your business? 
Our VPNs do not use the public Internet as the underlying network. This provides you with the advantage to run applications that are sensitive to network delays and congestion, providing a more dependable network.

Contact us today for a complimentary speed test and let us show you the benefits that a genuinely fast internet service can deliver.

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