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Fixed Line Telephony (Voice) Services

Members Telecom fixed line telephony provides full-service, business grade telephony services. Our corporate telephony service is a seamless solution comprised of services from the largest and most respected carriers in Australia. Using our business grade products, Members Telecom’s call rates allow all businesses to save money on their telephony. Our Fixed Line Telephony services are supported by a business grade service level agreement.

Members Corporate Fixed Line Telephony Services

Fixed Line Telephony Services

Members Telecom provides full-service premium quality traditional telephony services for SME and Corporate customers throughout Australia. Our Corporate Telephony Service is a seamless solution comprised of Local, National (STD), International and Direct-to-Mobile services from the largest and most respected carriers in Australia. PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN10/20/30 services are available.

Do you want a local presence, but aren't yet ready to open regional offices? Act locally, yet operate nationally by providing customers with a local contact number for over 70 locations Australia-wide. The 'local' calls are diverted to your main office location in Australia or worldwide.

All Corporate Telephony Services are billed via a single comprehensive invoice, which is able to incorporate the complete and extensive range of products and services delivered by Members Telecom. Detailed call analytics turn complex data into business insight.

Members Corporate Inbound Services

Members Telecom provides premium quality inbound (13/1300/1800) services, which offer the power of a single national number, more efficient call routing and cost advantages for customers, partners and potentially even remote offices. We cater for all configurations, from a single answer point to complex solutions with national call routing and multiple answer points. We can simply package up the options that makes sense for you. After hours and emergency diversion of your inbound services is also available.

To complement our national inbound services, Members Telecom also offers international toll free services in over 74 locations worldwide, enabling callers from one or more countries to call to your business at no charge.

PABX/Phone System Programming

Members Telecom offers programming of your PABX or phone system, where applicable, during the initial provisioning of your telephony services via experienced and qualified contractors. PABX or phone system programming is an important step in ensuring that you take full advantage of your high quality and competitively priced Members Telecom Corporate Telephony Services and to avoid receiving additional and unnecessary bills from other telecommunications providers.

If you have international customers but no international facilities you can now provide a toll free local contact number in over 74 locations worldwide which you manage locally. Your customers may never know they are calling Australia

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