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Why Members Telecom?

Management Expertise

The Executive Team have experience spanning over the past 2 decades in the telecommunications Industry.

Members Telecom's origins stem back to the very first day of deregulation in 1997. We have been fore runners in the Australian Service Provider Industry and are recognised for pioneering a number of industry firsts and milestones. This includes being amongst the very first to produce a product for Australian businesses to bundle voice, broadband & mobile products onto a single invoice. Our experience includes executive board directorship for a successful publicly listed carrier and overseeing the growth of our revenues from $4 million per annum to $20 million per annum within 18 months.

Understanding the industry, our focus has always been on Client Services & Account management activities. It is this experience and proven track record that resulted in today's established relationships within the Carrier wholesale arena.

Members Telecom has established itself as a leading provider of business and corporate telephony including voice, mobile & data services. Our reputation and success is being achieved via Member Telecom's strong relationships and support with the major carriers, modern billing services and proactive client service approach.

Members Telecom uses only well-proven technology from Tier 1 Carriers. So in addition to great savings, you can rest assured of great quality of service. In many cases your services will continue to be delivered from your current carrier - the only thing that will change will be that your invoice will be smaller and there will be fewer of them! Savings that will flow directly to your bottom line. You even retain your current numbers!

So Why Members Telecom?

Members Telecom's company culture is based on being accountable to each other, therefore enabling us to be accountable to others - our clients.

Being a client of Members Telecom, means that your solution is carefully designed and packaged to suit your specific needs. Members Telecom encourages you to partner with us and enjoy receiving first class service.

Members Telecom understands that your invoice has to blend into your accounting system. The benefit of migrating your services to Members Telecom includes the receipt of a single monthly invoice combining all of your services - fully itemised. By providing consolidation of your services, Members Telecom ensures that your account is an effective management tool. We also present your invoice by cost centres - saving your business valuable time. Our Customer Service team will work with you to identify cost centres, which will be reflected on your first Invoice.

Why not experience a professional difference and have your business enjoy a modern approach to its telecommunications requirements!

Members Telecom has the network and expertise to deliver high quality telecommunication systems at affordable rates to customers in any location throughout Australia.


Members Telecom has been awarded CommCom Membership 2013.   
Our membership is a result of lodging and meeting compliance documentation under the recently introduced Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code C628:2012.

The TCP Code was created by the Australian telecommunications industry in consultation with regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders. It contains a set of rules that aim to ensure the protection of consumer rights and to promote good customer service and fair outcomes for consumers.

Our CommCom Membership is in addition to our Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) Membership.